Home Organization: Pantry

As working parents to three little girls under 5, there is not a whole lot of time to clean and organize. I mean who does even with out the kids? So we set some goals to organize, throw stuff (junk) out and try to stay on top of cleaning the best we can.

So naturally the first place to start was our pantry. This is a place that we started because it has accumulated the most junk. It’s in the center of our house and is the dumping place for everything. Mail, vacation bags, more bags, cleaning supplies, oh and food. So when you see this first image you will understand why we had to do something.

Whew, now that it’s out there, let’s talk about how we helped out this traumatic and ignored space.

First things first, I looked for inspiration on Pinterest. This is clearly the first stop for all things good. I found tons of different pantry’s that made my heart sing. The pantry with the colorful wallpaper, or the pantry with the clean and simple bins. I took all of that in and made a realistic plan for our home.

I wanted the wallpaper but knew realistically I didn’t want to spend the money nor actually put it up. So I went with a colorful rug. The rug was $14 from TJ Maxx and added what I wanted, color!

Then I began looking for bins. I went to Amazon in hope to find some cheap, perfect products. I found the perfect products but not for what I wanted to spend. Sooo I went to Target. I found bins that were a decent price and would do the job, hide and organize!

Now that we had the goods, it was time for the dreaded clean out. We took everything out and started tossing the junk. We literally filled up the outside trash can with stuff just from the pantry.

Once everything was out that we didn’t want, we started categorizing and placing pantry items back in. Each category had its own box.

End result…..(Angels Singing)

It is literally like something from a magazine and wow is it rewarding. Now just to keep it this way! Lol

Does your pantry need help? It’s ok if it does because you can make it everything you want to be.

  1. Find Inspiration
  2. Shop for organizational pieces
  3. Clean out and throw out
  4. Throw out more! I promise you don’t need it!
  5. Categorize pantry items
  6. Put in place
  7. Enjoy!

You can do it!

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