Home Organization: Master Closet

So I am at it again when it comes to organizing and it feels sooooo good. I recently read that people who live in cluttered homes are more likely to be depressed. While this might not be true for all, I do believe that when your home is organized and simplified that it can help you feel relaxed and at peace.

There are two main areas that we use daily that were a complete mess. Our panty and our master closet. They were probably a complete mess because they are a catch all for so many items. Once we completed the pantry I knew there was hope for our closet.

What really bothered me about the closet was all of the stuff on the top of the shelves. They were hard to pull down without falling all over the place and they looked messy. I knew if nothing else changed, that part had to be fixed.

I began by using the same steps in organizing the pantry that I used when organizing the closet.

  1. Find Inspiration
  2. Shop for organizational pieces
  3. Clean out and throw out
  4. Throw out more! I promise you don’t need it!
  5. Categorize items
  6. Put in place
  7. Enjoy!

First Step, find inspiration and head to pinterest, your favorite magazines or hashtags on instagram.

When I began searching for inspiration I slowly began to realize that all of those dream closets would cost a lot of money. Money I did not want to spend on a closet! So I started to look at the post that said “closet hacks” and “ways to organize without spending a lot of money”. That was all me! Most of the hacks were similar to the pantry hacks. Find some crates, boxes etc to hide things and also help organize. I slowly realized that I had things around the house that I could use that would help hide and organize. So I grabbed them out of their current spaces and moved them down to the closet.

Now that I knew what to do with our stuff in the closet, it was time to clean out and throw out. Y’all! There is sooo much you don’t need in your closets. Clothes that don’t fit, clothes that are worn out, clothes that you never wear. Listen, by the time you take all of that out you probably don’t even need to organize, it is done for you. But if it is not done for you, begin to sort and categorize your clothes.

Categorize by seasons, colors, his and hers, whatever makes the most sense for your space. My favorite was when I organized by color. It looks so pretty and like something at a department store. Unfortunately it  probably will never stay like that but was fun while it lasted.

Last step is to put everything back in place which is easy because now there is a lot less. The biggest piece is purging. It makes things so much easier to organize. Clothes are back to hanging in their place, pants are in baskets and our towels, ohhh the towels. Well the towels are in a nice storage cube. They are a lot easier to get out and put away.

Ahhh, we can all breathe now! I added a little color and style by putting a fun rug and mirror in to feel like a boutique. Things I would love to do in the future is get matching hangers and a fun light fixture. Easy fixes, more practical and organized.

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