Presence over Presents

Do you still have some Christmas shopping left to do? Or maybe you are all finished? Either way, I have the perfect gift to give the ones you love. It is the gift of time! We all say we want more of it, then why don’t we give it. Time to spend together, enjoy each other’s company and be happy.

This past week that is what our family gave to each other. I told my husband no gifts, the girls would get 1 thing from Santa, and we would do a family vacation instead! Y’all, it was magical, relaxing (as much as anything can be with 3 kids 😆) and the smiles on their faces were bigger than any present has ever given them.

But the gift of presences doesn’t have to be as big as a vacation! It could just be going to lunch with a friend, making cookies with the kids, a membership to your favorite museum, a gift card for a massage, a date night, the list really goes on and on!

Think about what might make your loved one super happy and it probably won’t be a present from a store but a favorite moment froze in time!

I’m going to list some ideas below and go finish up your Christmas shopping! Merry Christmas y’all!!


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