Girly 1st Birthday

I was determined to have a small and intimate 1st Birthday this time!

You know they always say everything is different with your second child. Well it’s true. With my first, I had a big 1st Birthday Party with everyone we knew, lots of details, too much food and an exhausted Mama.

This time I knew the only way I would make it though the weekend was to have a small and intimate, but beautiful birthday party. And it was perfect!

I put together a couple last minute fun decorative pieces and tried to make everything look girly and fun.

Cookies by: Hello Cookie, Homemade Custom Cookies

I love how this balloon garland turned out. I did it in about an hour and everyone loved it!

Moral of the Story: It doesn’t have to be big and over the top to be memorable!

Grab some balloons, cake and a party dress and go for it!

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