Disney Cruise Tips and Tricks

Last August we went on our second Disney Cruise and literally planned it in about a week. I know, we are crazy. But we have the best time on spontaneous adventures. Even with 3 kids. We hopped in the minivan and drove down to Florida for a memorable 4 day vacation on the happiest boat on Earth. Since this was our second cruise we knew what to expect and how to get the biggest bang for our buck.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you enjoy every moment of your Cruise or maybe give you an idea for a great family vacation.

1. Find the best deals

You can go on a Disney Cruise any time of the year. But there are certain times where you will find the best deals. February, March, September and October are prime times to find a cheap cruise. Stay away from dates kids are out of school, I know that’s hard but it will give you the best price. Also opt for an interior room to save money. You are only in there to sleep!

2. If you want to meet Characters, you are in the right place.

I think it is a lot easier to meet characters on a cruise then in the actual parks. Lines are short on the cruise and the characters are everywhere. You are also very likely to meet a character just walking around the ship.

  • Meet them in the Atrium-After dinner in the Atrium different characters will pop up and begin dancing with kids and getting the after dinner party started. You will also be able to hop in line to visit and take pictures with numerous characters.
  • Each day your itinerary will list the time and locations of the characters. Be sure to star your favorites and make it a priority to see them.
  • Princess’ and Anna/Elsa- If you are interested in meeting these characters you will have to have a free ticket. You can get these on your My Disney Experience before the cruise or as soon as you walk on the ship at Guest services. Make sure you get tickets before the event times. They will sell out.
  • Kids Club- We were casually hanging out in the kids club during open house when a fun kids show started and we got to meet Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. This just proves that they will pop up anywhere.

3. Enjoy the Live Shows!

All I have to say is if you don’t go to all the shows, you are missing out! These are my favorite part of the cruise each night. They are absolutely outstanding and different on each boat. Catch Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, and tons of original plays that are Broadway level entertainment. They are all around 1 hour long and perfect for keeping you and your little ones attention.

4. Take part in the Celebrations and Parties

The boat has many parties and celebrations throughout the cruise. There are sail away parties, pirate parties and sad goodbye parties haha. All of them are fun and add to the overall, magical Disney experience. The pirate party even has fireworks at the end.

5. Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay has the magical touches of every other Disney place. You can easily find the perfect beach activity for anyone at any age. There is an adults only beach, splash pad, water slides, shady spots to relax, beach bars and buffets, trams, bike trails and even a early morning 5K. You need to get off the boat and enjoy this place because they have thought of everything!

6. Rotating Dining

Not sure where to eat? That’s ok, you will get to rotate through each dining room. Each night you move with your waiter to a new, themed dining room. We really enjoyed this dining experience but if you would rather just chill by the pool and eat, you still can.

7. Movies everywhere

There are movies all around the ship. You can watch in their movie theater, watch by the pool or in your room. They will play new movies that are currently in theaters and classic favorites. It’s nice to have something always to do.

8. Relax

A cruise is a great way to get the Disney experience in but still enjoy a relaxing vacation. I love the parks but I love having everything so close together on a cruise.

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