30a Trip

So up until recently, I had never heard of the 30a. I had seen a couple photos of Rosemary Beach and the iconic Pearl Hotel bit that was about it. Then it seemed like everyone was going there, it was on the cover of Southern Living, it was everywhere.

So back in April my husband I decided to take an anniversary trip there and check out all the hype and beauty it had to offer.

We flew into Panama City, Northwest Florida Beaches International and then rented a car so we could explore all of the 30a. From there we drove into Rosemary Beach and checked into our little AirBnB. It was in a perfect location to be able to bike around the town and get to lots of different restaurants.

Over the next couple of Days we explored a few of the big towns on the 30a and just relaxed. Below you will see some tips for a trip to Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach and Seaside.

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