Summer Brunch at Home

One of my favorite things to do is go to brunch. I love the food, environment and company on brunch outings. While it is fun to go out and enjoy, it is also super special and different to bring brunch to your house. Above are pictures from the Mothers Day brunch we put on this year. It was easy and one of my favorite memories. Here’s what you need to pull off an amazing brunch at home!

1. Mimosas: Such a staple and so delicious! Be creative and mix and match different juices with your champagne. Here is the link to one of my favorites. If you have a group of people over, consider a mimosa bar where people can make their own drinks.

📷: Pier 1

2. Plan the menu: We went the easy route and ordered some bake and take brunch favorites from a local restaurant but it would be easy to explore some homemade recipes yourself. Quiche, French Toast, and Eggs Benedict are great go to meals. I’ve recently seen people try these pancake charcuterie boards and they sound and look delicious! I might have to try one soon!

📷: Hoosier Homemade

3. Decorate and pull out the the fancy dishes: How often do you really pull out your nice dishes? This is a perfect time to get some use out of those bad boys and an easy way to elevate your brunch. Add some local flowers arrangements or garden flowers and you are set. It doesn’t take a lot but there are a ton of ideas out there on how to decorate for brunch.

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